Chopard - The Passion for Excellence

Chopard - The Passion for Excellence
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Chopard - The Passion for Excellence
298 pages
Color photos
Hard cover
35 x 30 cm
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Founded by watchmaker Louis-Ulysse Chopard in 1860, this Swiss company has long been synonymous with luxury and quality. Known throughout the world for its fine timepieces and jewelry, Chopard never rests on its laurels. Constantly innovating, yet always mindful of its heritage, this company typifies the highest standards. This archival record charts the extraordinary story of the company's development, featuring the dynamic Scheufele family, who brought the brand to such prominence. We go behind the scenes to see the precise craftsmanship and artistry that lead to such works of singular beauty and lasting style. Of course, this volume includes fascinating photographs of the international set resplendent in their favorite Chopard pieces.