Youpi,c'est jeudi

Youpi,c'est jeudi
Uitverkocht *Prijzen zijn inclusief btw
140 pages
many color photos
Hard cover with dust jacket
29 x 27 cm
This book gives you a good idee of the different toys and games that were made beginning in 1880 till around the 60s.
This all represented in 44 differents categories such as: Miniatures cars, Toys about the farm, About the fire brigade, Airplaines, Circus, Trains, Dolls, Military .....
Some names in this book: Solido, Meccano, JRD, Schuco, Gégé, Bing, Marklin, Quiralu, Dinky, Joustra, Arnold, SFA, CIJ, Jep, Tippco, Gescha, Gaspard et Gaubier, France Jouets, Euréka, La Galiotte, Jep, Tri-ang, Jouets S.B., Starlux, Nova, SFBJ, Steiner, Jumeau, Casige, Suzy, Ernst Plank, Fleischmann & Wilesco, Les Jouets Citroen .......