Tupolev Tu-4 Soviet Superfortress

Tupolev Tu-4 Soviet Superfortress
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Tupolev Tu-4 Soviet Superfortress
127 pages
b&w and some color photos
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It was often claimed in the West during the Cold War, that many Soviet aircraft designs were based on existing types being produced or developed in the NATO countries. The information on these designs havibng come to the Soviet through the efforts of their spies. That this was actually true and not just a case of paronia in the West is particularly demonstrable in the case of the Tu-4. At the end of the Second World War three Boeing B-29s fell into Soviet hands. From these came a Soviet copy of this famous bomber in the form of the Tu-4. This book examines the evolution of the 'Superfortresski' into the Tu-70 military transport. it also deals with the civil airliner version, the Tu-75, and Tu-85, the last of Tupolev's piston-engined bombers. Also described are various experimental versions, including the Burlaki towed fighter programme, flight refuelling tanker and missile carrier versions, and the Chinese turboprop-powered AWACS and drone launcher conversions. Operational details include use of these aircraft for transport and paradropping and civil polar research. Many hitherto unpublished photographs are included, as are drawings of the rival '102' and '103' bombers designed by Myasischchev.