Toy Yearbook - 100 years of great toys with Price Guide

Toy Yearbook - 100 years of great toys with Price Guide
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Collector's Toy Yearbook - 100 years of great toys
204 pages
color photos
Soft cover
28 x 22 cm
0,698 kg

In this brand new volume, David Longest gives both advanced and novice toy collectors alike an easy to use and informative work devoted to the amazing world of collectible toys from 1900 to the present. In the past 100 years, toy collecting has evolved from a simple novelty industry to a substantial cultural phenomenon and new art form. The author presents over 650 color photographs organized chronologically, with informative captions and realistic prices to help collectors of all types of toys identify their treasures. The book groups the toys by useful 'double decades' which allows collectors to understand how material of manufacture and design of the toy can help date it. The author adds helpful chapters on Caring for Your Toys, which can save new collectors literally thousands of dollars in preservation mistakes, and The Toy Scope, which takes a look at current collecting trends (including eBay and Internet purchasing) and predicts where the future of toy collecting is headed.