The Vauxhall File ( Opel )

The complete story of Vauxhall model by model from 1903

The Vauxhall File ( Opel )
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The Vauxhall File
384 pages
color and b&w photos
Hard cover
15 x 22 cm
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This edition of the Vauxhall File tells the complete story of Vauxhall model by model from 1903, from the great Edwardian sports cars like the 1911 Prince Henry and the 1920s 30-98 up to the 2007 VXR8. There is a separate history of the company, from its beginnings in a tiny workshop in South London to a company that in the UK alone sells more than 400,000 vehicles a year. Over 170 individual models are fully illustrated, given a 200-word description plus a full technical specification. There is also a complete chronology of the company from 1857 to the present day.