The House of Leleu

The House of Leleu
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The House of Leleu
480 pages
color and b&w photos
Hard cover with dust jacket
29 x 25 cm
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The house of Leleu, and the family behind it, came to prominence as key protagonists of the Art Deco style in 1920s Paris; uniquely among the masters of that era, it continued as a creative and productive force for 50 years. The Leleu Style, synonymous with refinement, luxury and quality, was expressed in a range that included furniture, textiles, carpets and wallpaper, and in commissions for the decoration of exquisite private homes, embassies and offices around the world - and, of course, the great French ocean liners that served as floating monuments to French taste and savoir-vivre in the post-war era.

Leleu is the definitive work covering this icon of the decorative arts whose importance was obscured for many years, ironically, by its longevity and prodigious output. Under the direction of Francoise Siriex, a decorator at Leleu from 1950 until its closing in 1973 and the house's archivist ever since, the book details the evolution and key elements of the Leleu Style. Rounding out the volume are a wealth of period photographs, original drawings and maquettes, essays by a host of leading experts in their fields.