The Emperor's Lost Treasure

Remnants of Unrecorded Chenghua Pordelain

The Emperor's Lost Treasure
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The Emperor's Lost Treasure
Remnants of Unrecorded Chenghua Porcelain
223 pages
color photos
Hard cover with dust jacket
28 x 25 cm
1,458 kg

Chenghua porcelain is among the most valued and prized of Chinese imperial wares from the Ming period. It is also the rarest of Ming porcelain because so little of it is known to have survived Chenghua's death in 1487. Despite five centuries of hunting by grave robbers and secretive collectors, no great cache appears to have come to light. In this book, the author does not promise that he has found the answer to the mystery of Emperor Chenghua's lost treasure; however, he asserts that he is privy to a private collection of some exceptional Chenghua pieces, presented here in color photographs and detailed descriptions. They had been embargoed from publication for some 30 years because they are radically different from other authenticated pieces in extant collections.