The Dolls of Jules Nicolas Steiner

The Dolls of Jules Nicolas Steiner
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The Dolls of Jules Nicolas Steiner
240 pages
color and b&w photos
Hard cover with dust jacket
28 x 22 cm
1,190 kg

The sheer beauty of the color plates throughout this book would be enough to recommend it to doll collectors, but there is much, much more. Here is the most comprehensive and complete story of Steiner and his remarkable dolls shown in all types and variations from start to finish. The chronological order in which they are presented enables you to date each doll with accuracy, aided by the appearance of marks and patented techniques invented by Steiner. The author's intensive research of government and private documents in France has enabled this unparalleled account of the Steiner story to be told. An insightful historical introduction by Barbara Spadaccini Day, Assistant to the Curator of the Musee des Arts Decoratifs in Paris, France, adds greatly to the value of this book to serious researchers and collectors.