The Car Design Yearbook 2

The Definitive Annual Guide to All New Concept and Production Cars Worldwide

The Car Design Yearbook 2
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The Car Design Yearbook 2 - The Definitive Guide to New Concept and Production Cars Worldwide
288 pages
color photos
Hard cover with dust jacket
29 x 25 cm
1,709 kg

This is the second, entirely new edition of the phenomenally successful annual guide to all the new production and concept cars unveiled during the twelve months prior to the book's publication. An easily navigated A--Z of all the latest models from around the world, this book engagingly describes and illustrates around 130 cars, highlighting their key stylistic features and innovations. Each vehicle is brought vividly to life in a series of stunning photographs and original renderings, showing exterior and interior design features, the vehicle's stylistic development and its engine layout--800 colour illustrations in all. Available technical data for every car is also provided. "The Car Design Yearbook is the most comprehensive annual reference to the latest trends in car design worldwide ever published. No one interested in cars--whether as an industry insider or a car enthusiast--can afford to be without this definitive guide.