The Big Book of Ford Tractors

The Big Book of Ford Tractors
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The Big Book of Ford Tractors
187 pages
color and b&w photos
Hard cover
31 x 24 cm
1,260 kg

This encyclopedia provides the most detailed and complete account ever given of Ford tractors, from the earliest Fordsons to the Ford-Fergusons, the Ford N Series, and the Ford "world" tractors manufactured into the 1970s. Amply illustrated, the book also offers extensive information on the numerous options and accessories, implements and variations that came out of Dearborn, Sherman Bros., and the great Funk Bros. hotrod conversions that could make each of these popular machines utterly unique. Written and compiled by the chief engineer of the Ford N Series tractors and the worlds best-known Ford tractor historian, this encyclopedia is the ultimate one-stop resource for anyone with an interest in Ford tractors.