The art of the Limoges box

The art of the Limoges box
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144 pages
many color photos
Hard cover with dust jacket
26 x 22 cm

Limoges boxes are among the most collected and treasured objects in the world. Yet few people know the story behind the box. From their beginnings as the snuffboxes and status symbols of the French elite to their modern role as delightful, fun, and personal collectibles, these little porcelain containers have a history full of intrigue and innovation. "The Art of the Limoges Box" is a witty and in-depth guide to these stories-and a handbook to finding and appreciating the best boxes available. Today's Limoges boxes come in an almost endless variety of shapes and designs, from hilariously whimsical to historic to simply beautiful. Nancy du Tertre, herself a designer of these porcelain boxes, helps readers pick out the best new pieces, teaches how to avoid cheap knock-offs, and illuminates the traces of the past in today's creations. This book is just as essential for collectors of the antique boxes, which range from simple, unadorned containers to jewel-encrusted treasures.