The Art and Craft of Gianni Versace

The Art and Craft of Gianni Versace
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The Art and Craft of Gianni Versace
158 pages
color photos
Soft cover
28 x 25 cm

Extravagant and supersexy, the fashions of Gianni Versace (1946-1997) combined the expert craftsmanship and luxury of haute couture with the sheer creativity of the street. Instantly recognizable for their glamour quotient-who could forget Elizabeth Hurley in her slit-up-to-there "Safety-pin Dress"?-the deceptively fragile designs utilized innovative fabrics and meticulous construction to anchor their illusions. Although thoroughly modern, the clothes also drew inspiration from fine art: Versace counted Delaunay, Calder, and Klimt among his influences.

This fun, flamboyant paperback befits Versace's duality-high art mixed with media hype, delicate garments built from durable materials. The two separate sections address Versace's artistry and skill individually. Published to accompany a major exhibition at the Victoria and Albert Museum, London, this colorful book celebrates the lifework and remarkable legacy of a perennially popular and highly respected designer.