The American Blues Guitar

The American Blues Guitar
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The American Blues Guitar
192 pages
color and b&w photos
Soft cover
28 x 21 cm

If the story of the blues is the story of a people, then the voice behind the story belongs to the guitar. The American Blues Guitar: An Illustrated History looks at the instruments and the players, from the birth of the blues to the present day. A brief history of the blues is included.From Blind Lemon Jefferson's Martin to T-Bone Walker's Gibson archtop, and from B.B. King's ES 335 to cousin Albert's Flying-V, all the classic makes and models are documented here in detail, with superb photography, serial number data, and everything the diehard collector - and interested fan - needs to identify these great American heirlooms. You'll find Leo Fender's original patent, filed in April 1951, of the Telecaster guitar, and an analysis of what makes it one of the great instruments. Among the blues artists discussed is Texan Albert Collins and his Gibson humbucker. Expert commentary explains why the players chose the models they did, how their choice influenced their sound, and how those sounds can be recreated today. The American Blues Guitar: An Illustrated History is indispensable to the lover of the blues.