The A-Z of Popular Scooters & Microcars

Autobianchi,Bond,BSA, Cyclemaster, Dayton, DKR, DKW, Durkopp, Heinkel, Isetta, NSU, Lambretta, Vespa

The A-Z of Popular Scooters & Microcars
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The A-Z of Popular Scooters & Microcars
255 pages
color photos
Soft cover
25 x 21 cm
1,048 kg

An A to Z color reference book on classic motor scooters and microcars primarily from the 1950s to the 1970s. A hugely entrtaining "I was there" account of of the classic scooter and microcar era, this book is highly illustrated and also contains an essential A-Z reference to these fascinating machines.

This is mainly a photographic reference book to classic scooters and microcars with specification data presented in A to Z order of manufacturer. There are also nostalgic recollections by the author based on ownership and personal experience. In the middle 1950s as a teenager Mike Dan became interested in these then newly-arrived forms of transport. Eventually Mike owned a series of scooters and a microcar. He became involved in Scooter and Microcar Clubs and took part in many local and national sporting events gaining a collection of awards and trophies. In the mid 1980s he had time again to visit many indoor and outdoor classic vehicle shows. Eventually this led to a renewed personal involvement in the restoration of a series of over twenty classic scooters and three classic microcars. This highly entertaining book and reference source is therefore written with the authority of a lifetime enthusiast.