The 1912 Bing Toy Catalogue

The 1912 Bing Toy Catalogue
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The 1912 Bing Toy Catalogue
440 pages
b&w photos
Hard cover
29 x 22 cm
1,762 kg

In its heyday the Bing Company, based in Nuremburg Germany, was the largest and most diverse toy manufacturer in the world. The Bing 1912 catalogue is the third in the series covering Bing's belle epoque catalogues, having been preceded by the 1898 and 1906 edition. This volume comprises the complete English edition for 1912, together with those items which appeared in the French edition for that year but were not available on the English market. In addition, the very rare Special Catalogue of Plush and Felt Toys for 1917 is included in its entirety.