Straits Chinese: Porcelain

Straits Chinese: Porcelain
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Straits Chinese: Porcelain
144 pages
color photos
Hard cover with dust jacket
29 x 21 cm
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Straits Chinese procelain is decorated with but one recurrent theme, namely, the phoenix-and-tree peony design. Equally remarkable is the fact that shapes are starkly simple and functional. There are no eccentric-looking pots encumbered with superfluous ormolu work or, for that matter, ceramic curiosities simulating human and animal forms and other unusual objects. The book also sheds light on hitherto unsuspected varieties of Straits Chinese porcelain, namely, several kinds of blue & white porcelain utensils, a small group of enameled Yi-hsing wares, mainly small teapots, & some types of 19th-century Japanese painted porcelain.