Schwinn Bicycles 1895 - 2004

Schwinn Bicycles 1895 - 2004
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Schwinn Bicycles 1895 - 2004
224 pages
color photos
Soft cover
27 x 21 cm
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Schwinn bicycles are fast becoming hot collectibles. With hundreds of collector clubs and skyrocketing prices for online auctions, the demand for detailed information on these classic bikes is high. Now, fans of the Paramounts, Krates, Varsities and other cool Schwinn-built bikes can enjoy a beautiful photographic history and study of the evolution of the bikes through the years, with Standard Catalog of(r) Schwinn Bicycles.

More than 350 stunning full-color photos document Schwinn bikes from the best vintage models, to today's latest releases, including the new chopper-style Sting Ray. The narrative discusses color, frame sizes, and other options available.