Sailor : Vintage Photos of a Masculine Icon

Sailor : Vintage Photos of a Masculine Icon
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Sailor: Vintage Photos of a Masculine Icon
109 pages
b&w photos
Hard cover with dust jacket
21 x 21 cm
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From his familiar white "Dixie cup" cap to his bell-bottom pants, a boy in a sailor uniform is a symbol of fresh-faced youth, optimistic and adventurous, possessing the "good looks, cheery health, and frank enjoyment of young life" embodied in Melville's Billy Budd. At the same time, the sailor is an emblem of swaggering masculinity and romantic opportunity, often seeking companionship in a foreign port. This compact coffee table album celebrates both sides of the sailor's image, collecting 150 vintage photographs made in the studio, in port, and on deck, spanning more than a century of navy life. The photographs in this book give us close-up glimpses of a larger-than-life figure.