Saab Gripen - Sweden's 21st Century Multi-role Aircraft

Saab Gripen - Sweden's 21st Century Multi-role Aircraft
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Saab Gripen - Sweden's 21st Century Multi-role Aircraft
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The Saab Gripen, first flown in 1988, entered service with the Swedish Air Force in June 1996. Of the 204 aircraft ordered by Sweden, about half have now been delivered. The Gripen is one of the most advanced fighters in production today, and follows on from that distinctive line of successful modern Swedish military aircraft which includes the Viggen and the Draken. The Gripen programme has now become a joint venture between Saab and BAe Systems. Though these days it is obviously difficult for a relatively small player like Saab to compete in the international market place, especially in the face of stiff competition from the US aviation industry in particular, the Gripen has already been sold to the air forces of South Africa, and more recently to Hungary. There are prospects of a further sales to Poland and the Czech Republic. This is the first time a Saab aeroplane has been the subject of a title in the Aerofax series, though an earlier volume dealt with the Gripen's near contemporary, the Eurofighter.