Rubber Toy Vehicles - Identification & Values

Auburn Rubber Company,Sun Rubber Company,Gift Craft, Glolite, Viceroy, Rubber Toys Unique ...

Rubber Toy Vehicles - Identification & Values
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Rubber Toy Vehicles - Identification & Values
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Rubber toy vehicles seemed to suddenly appear on the scene in dimestores in 1935 and almost as suddenly disappear in 1955, when American-made plastic toys became much more affordable. These fascinating rubber toys were produced by major companies Auburn Rubber Company and Sun Rubber Company, as well as smaller companies like the Judy Company, Gift Craft, Glolite, Viceroy, and Rubber Toys Unique. Author Dave Leopard, long-time collector of American-made toy cars and trucks who specializes in rubber toy vehicles, began researching this subject in 1987 and continues to obtain new items and information, which he has included in this collector's guide. Leopard presents a history of rubber toys and describes the American dimestore where these toys were first available. He points out model differences and uses a numbering system to identify the vehicles in the book. The Auburn and Sun Rubber Companies have complete reviews, and pre-war American manufacturers as well as toys produced overseas are given coverage. There are also original catalog pages from Auburn and Sun, and a complete list of rubber toys featured in the book by manufacturer and type. Current collector values are given for each item featured. 'Burn some rubber' on your way to the bookstore to get your copy of Rubber Toy Vehicles. AUTHORBIO: David M. Leopard, a retired Air Force colonel, is an avid collector of older, small scale, American-made toy cars and trucks. His special areas of expertise, other than rubber toy vehicles, are the older plastic toys, slushcast toys, and the more obscure diecast makes. Hi monthly column, Little Wheels, appeared in U.S. Toy Collector magazine for almost 10 years. REVIEW: This book is the first ever to be published on the subject, and highlights toy companies long forgotten by many, but whose toy vehicles are treasured by many. The Sun Rubber Company, Auburn Company, Glolite, Viceroy, and others are featured.