Rodin and the Cambodian Dancers - His final passion

Rodin and the Cambodian Dancers - His final passion
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Rodin and the Cambodian Dancers - His final passion
179 pages
color and some b&w photos
Soft cover
35 x 25 cm
1,250 kg

This book relates the story of Rodin's extraordinary encounter with the aesthetics of Khmer dance, which he dicovered on the occasion of the official visit by King Sisowath of Cambodia to france in 1906.

Rodin developed a deep passion for this age-old dance.Enchanted by its pure gestures and graceful expressions, he dropped everything to follow the dancers of the royal ballet, when they left Paris for Marseilles, from where they would set off on their return journey by sea to Phnom Penh.

In less than one week, he made 150 drawings, retranscribing or interpreting the poses of the ballet, with an obvious fascination for the arms and hands of the dancers.At a later stage, most of these drawings were touched up with watercolour, in tones of a rare refinement.

Richly illustrated and composed of hitherto unpublished essays on a relatively unknown part of Rodin's oeuvre, this outstanding book, the fruit of Franco-Cambodian collaboration, also reflects the positive encounter between the two cultures.