Ramsay's British Model Trains Catalogue + Price Guide

Ace, Bassett-Lowke, Exley, Hornby, Leeds, Lima, Fleischmann, Marklin, Tri-ang Hornby, Trix Twin ....

Ramsay's British Model Trains Catalogue + Price Guide
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Ramsay's British Model Trains Catalogue
447 pages
color photos
Soft cover
25 x 19 cm
1,274 kg

More changes are taking place with this publication to make it more attractive and easier to use. The first of these is the change to 'full colour' for the first time, which allows us not only to show all our illustrations in colour but to also to use colour in the text for headings. You will find that we have adopted a colour code to denote the scale of the models listed. Thus, all N scale models have a green heading, TT have headings in purple, H0 in orange, 00 in red and 0 gauge in blue. In cases of mixed gauges, brown has been used.

The second development is the frequency of publication. Since the first edition, the book has been republished every two years. Due to its popularity and the speed with which it is growing in content, it has been decided that, with effect from this edition, the guide is to become an annual publication. No longer will it be necessary for you to wait two years before you can update your knowledge.

Fully comprehensive, it's the professional's choice that's now available to all collectors, dealers and model railway enthusiasts worldwide!