Miro Engraver - Volume I - 1928-1960

Miro Engraver - Volume I - 1928-1960
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Miro Engraver - Volume I - 1928-1960
184 pages
color photos
Hard cover
33 x 26 cm
2,188 kg

Gorgeously printed and bound, this is the English edition of the first volume of Jacques Dupin's definitive catalog of the etchings of Joan Miró, published in France by Daniel Lelong in 1984 - a limited edition of only 2700 copies. Hundreds of the artist's etchings, including woodcuts, engravings, and stencils, are reproduced here in superb color plates that appear as vivid as their original printings; in the case of illustrated books like Paul Eluard's A Toute Épreuve from 1958, the printed pages are seen whole, showing the text interacting with Miró's work.

Produced with Miró's full cooperation, the catalog includes three original woodcuts that the artist made specifically for the book-two are bound into the book itself, as the frontispiece and page 9, while the third is the dust jacket.