Matchbox Toys 1947 to 2007 Fifth Edition

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Matchbox Toys 1947 to 2007 Fifth Edition
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Matchbox Toys 1947 to 2007 Fifth Edition
262 pages
color photos
Soft cover
28 x 21,50 cm
0,876 kg

Collectors will be racing to the stores to get a copy of the fifth edition of Matchbox Toys®, 1947 to 2007. The easiest way to find a Matchbox model that matches yours is to find a book that lists them alphabetically. This latest edition does just that by incorporating all the Matchbox lines in alphabetical order by model description and cross references for models with multiple names. Featured are over 2,000 full color photos and prices representing current market values. Besides the Matchbox 1-75 series and its various spin-offs, the book also includes early Lesney models, Matchbox Major Packs, Kingsize, Models of Yesteryear, The Dinky Collection from Matchbox, Convoy, Battle Kings, Sea Kings, Skybusters, Matchbox Collectibles, Premiere Series, World Class, and much more. Also provided are product listings for many other toys marketed under the Matchbox brand name.