Mass-Market Classics - The Home

Mass-Market Classics - The Home
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Mass-Market Classics - The Home
144 pages
color photos
Soft cover
26 x 23 cm
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Illustrated on every page with magazine and brochure advertisements from the 1950s, 60s, 70s, and a few items from the 80s, this is an unabashed celebration of period interiors and mass-market accessories. Pop culture design aficionado and anti-elitist Wayne Hemingway champions the cheap and cheerful, the kitschy and the plastic, paying homage to the products that never usually make it into coffee-table design books-including coffee tables. Here are diner-style kitchens and home bars made from barrels, Liberace-style dressing tables and sexy shag carpets, Athena "art" prints and Dirty Dancing duvet covers.