Junkers Ju 287 - Germany's Forward Swept Wing Bomber

Junkers Ju 287 - Germany's Forward Swept Wing Bomber
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Junkers Ju 287 - Germany's Forward Swept Wing Bomber
160 pages
b&w and some color photos
Hard cover with dust jacket
31 x 23 cm
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The extraordinary Junkers Ju 287, the first truly swept-winged, jet-powered aircraft, took to the sky in August 1944, at a time when Germany was suffering sustained round-the-clock bombing by the Allied air forces. Despite such adverse development conditions, this large and futuristic aircraft represented a remarkable accomplishment in aeronautical design. It featured a revolutionary swept forward wing and was built largely from scavenged components from other aircraft. The project was considered a "top secreta" and evaded Allied intelligence for many months. This book is illustrated throughout by many photographs, several previously unpublished, and contains much new and revised information on the Ju 287 and it will be the definitive account of this remarkable aircraft. The authors also trace the development of forward swept-winged aircraft prior to its appearance and the aircrafts subsequent history in the Soviet Union and its post-war influence on aircraft projects and designs produced in Germany. A unique and compelling account for all aviation enthusiasts.