Christie's Teddy Bears

Great manufacturers as Steiff, Chad Valley, Bing, Bruin, and many others

Christie's Teddy Bears
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192 pages
200 color photos
Hard cover with dust jacket
26,50 x 26,50 cm
From the initial inspiration made by Steiff in Geingen, Germany, to bears created today, this guide describes the teddy's fascinating history and explores why it's still the most endearing and collectable of all toys. Featuring scores of spectacular, full-color reproductions from such great manufacturers as Steiff, Chad Valley, Bing, Bruin, and many others, Christie's Century of Teddy Bears charts the captivating rise of the teddy bear during the past 100 years. This unique book also tells the stories of individual bears, like the Teddy Girl--whose engaging looks and remarkable experiences during both World Wars commanded the highest preice ever for a teddy bear in a Christie's auction. Superbly illustrated with images from the Christie's archives and private collections, this book is an essential gift for history lovers, nostalgia fans, and anyone who has ever loved a teddy bear!
Useful addresses of Teddy Bear Clubs, magazines and bear artists listed at the rear.