Chinese Silk - A Cultural History

Chinese Silk - A Cultural History
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Chinese Silk - A Cultural History
224 pages
color photos
Hard cover with dust jacket
26 x 27 cm
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Silk is one of China's major contributions to world civilization, the secrets of its cultivation closely guarded for generations. The famous network of trade routes between West and East is still known as the Silk Road. The organization and techniques of Chinese silk production, the uses of the silk produced--both bolts and made-up pieces--and the types and styles of its ornament are celebrated in this richly illustrated and accessible book, the first general survey to be published in English.
Shelagh Vainker traces the cultural history of silk in China from its Neolithic origins to the twentieth century and considers its relationship to the other decorative arts. She traces the role of silk in Chinese history, trade, religion, and literature. Drawing on the most recent archaeological evidence from other, less perishable, media such as jades and bronzes-as well as paintings, poems, and other texts-Chinese Silk brings together material available until now only in Chinese. Recent acquisitions by public and private collections in the United States and Europe are also noted. The result is a book that illuminates the luxury of silk throughout the ages.