Chevy SS - 50 Years of Super Sport

Chevy SS - 50 Years of Super Sport
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Chevy SS - 50 Years of Super Sport
348 pages
color photos
Hard cover with dust jacket
31 x 28 cm
2,502 kg

A lavishly illustrated look at the Chevy Super Sport cars that defined the muscle car era.
On the 1957 auto show circuit Chevrolet unveiled a show car based on its Corvette and dubbed the "Super Sport." The performance car world took one look, and never looked back. A combination of styling and performance upgrades, the SS package could turn something as mundane as a 6-cylinder Malibu into the fire-breathing Chevelle SS396. This book traces the long line of legendary SS models from Chevy's Super Sport version of its popular Impala, which marked the dawn of the muscle car era, to today's Impala SS. Featuring the work of acclaimed photo ace David Newhardt, Chevy SS: 50 Years of Super Sportprovides a close-up, detailed, full-color look at such beloved muscle cars as the Chevelle, the Camaro, the El Camino, the Malibu, and the Monte Carlo. The book is a fittingly elegant celebration of the cars that redefined "high performance" and defined an era.