Arts and Crafts Furniture

Ruskin, Pugin, Talbert, Eastlake,G.E. Street,William Morris,Gordon Russell,Heal, Liberty ...

Arts and Crafts Furniture
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300 pages
275 illustrations manly color
Hard cover with dust jacket
30 x 24,50 cm

This is a fully illustrated history of the highly influential Arts and Crafts movement covering: *The influence of Ruskin, Pugin, Talbert, Eastlake and G.E. Street. *The founding of William Morris & Co. in the 1860s until its demise in the early twentieth century. *The fruition of the Movement from 1880 to 1910 including the Guilds, the major personalities and their attitude to Art Nouveau. *The aftermath into the 1920s and the rise of Modernism. The Arts and Crafts Movement (1860-1920), admired internationally, permanently changed the way designers think about furniture. All of the main leaders of the movement are covered. Unique illustrations show examples of museum quality pieces: the typical production of the Guilds, the Cotswold School, the Glasgow designers, Heal, Liberty and the major commercial companies including Gordon Russell. The principal American followers are also included. Each section details the furniture of the architects and designers involved. Many of the pictures, mainly from a useful list of pioneering specialist dealers, have never been published before.