Gaillard,Galle,Gauguin,Guimard,Hoffman,Horta,Mackintosh, Majorelle, Mucha,Ruskin,Tiffany ....

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128 pages
color photos
Hard cover with dust jacket
32 x 23 cm

Art Nouveau defines the elegant, decorative style that flourished from the early 1880s to the beginning of World War I. This international movement came at a symbolic moment in time--when the nineteenth century was giving birth to the modern world--and many of the artists whose work typified this sophisticated style became household names. Characterized by ornamental, sinuous lines, Art Nouveau was a highly original and graceful style based on the natural forms of flora and fauna as they encountered the elements. With 105 full-color illustrations, this book is a stunning visual celebration of the art and artists of Art Nouveau and is a must for all art lovers.