Art Ceramics - Pioneers in Flanders 1938-1978

Joost Maréchal, Perignem, Rogier Vandeweghe - Amphora, Leon Goossens, Jan Nolf, A. Michiels .......

Art Ceramics - Pioneers in Flanders 1938-1978
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Art Ceramics - Pioneers in Flanders 1938-1978
182 pages
color and some b&w photos
Hard cover
25,50 x 17,50 cm
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Around 1920 ceramicists in Flanders were beginning to experiment with modern forms and new glazes. Unlike the neighbouring countries, Belgium did not look back on a tradition of art ceramics.

Pioneering Belgian ceramicists included the artist Joost Maréchal and Jan Cockx. Rogier Vandeweghe, a pupil of Maréchal´s, co-founded a workshop with his brother Laurent in 1947. Later the brothers went their separate ways; their workshops, Perignem and Amphora, are among the most important in Flanders.

This book documents ceramics in Belgium, a previously neglected field. It is exciting to discover the high quality and superlative craftsmanship Belgian art ceramics had attained by the 1950s and 1960s.