American Teddy Bear Encyclopedia

Gund, Ideal,Knickerbocker,Applause,North American Bear Co.,R. John Wright,The Boyds Collection .....

American Teddy Bear Encyclopedia
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American Teddy Bear Encyclopedia
143 pages
color photos
Hard cover with dust jacket
28 x 22 cm

Saluting the American Teddy Bear! Renowned author presents an identification guide to American manufacturing companies such as Gund, Ideal, Knickerbocker, Applause, North American Bear Co., R. John Wright, The Boyds Collection, and many more. This book also features Smokey the Bear. Chapters on teddy bear figurines, advertising bears, and Teddy Bear Restoration. A perfect companion to Tribute to Teddy Bear Artists, American Teddy Bear Encyclopedia is your encyclopedia to American Teddies! 140 color of 300 photographs. 144 pages.