Aldo Rossi Drawings

Aldo Rossi Drawings
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Aldo Rossi Drawings
302 pages
color and b&w photos
Hard cover with dust jacket
29 x 25 cm
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The success of Aldo Rossi as architect grew from the outset thanks to his theoretical speculation, academic work and rich, fruitful artistic activity together with his architectural work. It would be impossible to separate the figure of Rossi - one of the leading masters of Italian and international architecture of the post-war period - from his personal notes and thinking in the form of sign and colour moving between digging back into the memory of places and into the archaic, absolute forms he loved and designed throughout his life. From his earliest work, drawing became his favoured and constant form of writing, the tabula rasa on which Rossi would move freely over the years, playing with the fragments of history and architecture he would come across and find striking. This book, edited by Germano Celant and by the Fondazione Aldo Rossi, starts from this fundamental basis and builds up a unique and surprising history of the Milanese master's work through the important archive of original drawings, many of which hitherto unpublished, collected by the Foundation. The result is an unexpected itinerary that chronologically follows the works designed and built, and makes it possible to study Rossi's thinking as has rarely been possible. Sketches, drawings, scribbled ideas, watercolours and collages form an extraordinary universe of drawn signs and reflections that help us better understand Aldo Rossi's way of thinking and putting together projects, presenting him in a different and new light, far removed from the sometimes facile reductive work of contemporary criticism.
Rossi as artist and architect: two roles that continuously blend and overlap with the figure of the intellectual obsessively excited with the historic city and its icons and also with modern design, which he interpreted with firm originality.