20th century ceramic designers in Britain

Charlotte Rhead, Clarice Cliff, Truda Carter, Susie Cooper, Eric Slater, Millicent Taplin ...

20th century ceramic designers in Britain
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391 pages
354 color and 106 b&w photos
Hard cover with dust jacket
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Throughout the twentieth century certain British ceramic designers have made an outstandingly influential contribution to the pottery industry.
Against a backdrop of great artistic, economic and social change their ability to anticipate and to respond to the latest trends in art and design enabled them to lead the pottery market, rather than follow. In responding to the practical needs of the customer their work proved popular and commercial in its day and is now much sought afterby collectors. Whilst many of the featured designers were most prolific and celebrated during the period between the wars, this publication also covers the austerity years of the forties and fifties. It then takes us through the innovative and expansive sixties and seventies, right up to the end of the century. This work, the first major study of its kind, concentrates on those pioneering designers who attempted to improve the quality of both shape and decoration by creating modern tableware designs that were contemporary, practical and attractive. Some of the designers such as Clarice Cliff and Susie Cooper have established reputations and there are many other important figures such as Keith Murray, John Clappison and Truda Carter. Each chapter gives an individual detailed account of each particular designer's contribution to pottery design and discusses their background, influences and how they attained the position. The text is supported by high quality colour and black and white archive images, some hitherto unpublished.
The designers discussed are: Daisy Makeig-Jones, Charlotte Rhead, Clarice Cliff, Truda Carter, Susie Cooper, Eric Slater, Millicent Taplin, VictorSkellern, Keith Murray, Eric Ravilious, Alfred Read, Jessie Tait, KathieWinkle, John Clappison, Eve Midwinter, Robert Jefferson and Susan Williams-Ellis.