Moto Rumi - The complete story

Moto Rumi - The complete story
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Moto Rumi - The complete story
254 pages
B&W and some color photos
Soft cover
25 x 26 cm
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In the Fifties, many motorcycle manufacturers like Piaggio, MV Agusta and Morini joined famous brands in the marketplace such as Motor Guzzi and Gilera. Rumi earned itself a prominent position among the newcomers. From the moment its earliest bikes first appeared, the Italian factory distinguished itself for the refinement and quality of its machines. Rumi climbed to the absolute summit in the 125 category, with its Gobbetto, Scoiattolo and junior 125 touring and sports models as well as in racing, especially in regularity events. Riccardo Crippa, who promotes the Rumi Historic Register, recounts the long and detailed story of the manufacturer with the help of over 300 pictures in colour and black and white, technical drawings and a complete list of all the models, each fully described by an exhaustive technical specification.