The VW Bus : History of a Passion

T1 (1950-1967) and T2 (1967-1979)

The VW Bus : History of a Passion
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The VW Bus: History of a Passion
136 pages
color and some b&w photos
Hard cover with dust jacket
29 x 22 cm
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In November 1949,a new epoch of automotive history began with the presentation of the first small Transporter by Volkswagen. Like no other light utility vehicle before, the variety-rich space-saver from Wolfsburg influenced the development of a very new generation of universally usable minivans. Six decades after its introduction, the "Bulli," the nickname used by its legion of fans, has lost none of its fascination. Today, well-maintained examples of the T1 (1950-1967) and T2 (1967-1979) have become rare and particularly expensive collector's items. In this book, author Jörg Hajt portrays VW buses of all body types, lovingly restored and customized, and offers a comprehensive history of the brand. Nearly 200 archival and modern photos document the wide range of Transporters from the camper to emergency vehicles to a contractor's van and much more. Complete construction and technical details and important tips for buying a VW Transporter today round out this wonderful pictorial volume.