The Ultimate Mini Restoration Manual

The Ultimate Mini Restoration Manual
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The Ultimate Mini Restoration Manual
176 pages
Color photos
Soft cover
27 x 21 cm
0,780 kg

The Ultimate Mini Restoration Manual gives you all the info you need to evaluate your skills and attitude, get your garage sorted, choose the right Mini, weld-up the rust, paint it, overhaul the engine, sort the rest of the mechanicals, retrim - then make the car faster, smoother, sharper, and a lot more fun!

* Contains valuable information missing from ordinary repair manuals
* Based on a combined 50 years of hands-on Mini experience
* Provides an entertaining but realistic picture of what's actually involved in restoring Minis
* Exhaustive pictorial guide on how to resurrect a crumbling shell
* Options for modern Japanese power units evaluated and discussed
* Improvements to suspension, steering and handling explained
* Explains upgrades for seating and interior comfort
* Includes photo walk-through of seat rebuilding and retrimming
* Techincal Editor has built 50 engines - without a blow-up!
* What to do if your Mini turns out to be toast, when its full rust is revealed