My Porsche Book - The 356 Icons

My Porsche Book - The 356 Icons
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My Porsche Book - The 356 Icons
239 pages
Color photos
Hard cover
30 x 30 cm
2,508 kg
English & German

With all the skills of a brilliant photographer, René Staud portrays all variants of this Porsche classic with 4-cylinder rear-engine and rear-wheel drive. As a dedicated collector, he presents all his photographic 356-icons - his complete studio fund. Moreover, photos taken by other owners of the 356 are shown as well. This comprehensive illustrated book about the Porsche 356 also deals with the story of photographer and visionary, René Staud. His special use of the flashlight, the Magicflash, gives the bodyworks an exceptional look, the cars become sculptures. An excellent book for any automobile fanatic.
Text in English and German.