Ford Small Block V8 Racing Engines 1962-1970

Ford Small Block V8 Racing Engines 1962-1970
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Ford Small Block V8 Racing Engines 1962-1970
112 pages
B&W photos
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While many will be familiar with 1960 Ford racing programmes using the very compact, pushrod Small Block V8, few know the facts behind the technology at Ford during this time. This book gives insight into the confident, logical approach of engineers working at Ford's Engine & Foundry Division - engineers who made outstanding technical decisions, leading to many major events being won using larger capacity derivatives of the 1961 221ci Small Block V8 production engine, introduced by Ford mid-1961 for fitting into 1962-model year intermediate Fairlanes and Mercurys.

* An insight into Ford's Engine & Foundry Division
* Includes unique, previously unpublished material
* Covers all Small Block V8s built by Ford for racing purposes, 1962-1970
* Includes Indianapolis pushrod and DOHC engines
* Engine design and development phases
* Reveals problems encountered with the various engines and the solutions
* Includes Shelby American-built 289s for Mustangs/AC Cobras, 1962-1968
* Information direct from the original engineers shows why many of Ford's decisions were made
* Relevant Ford Motor Company history
* Includes a rare reprint of a DOHC Indy brochure and an HP-289 engine catalogue

AC Cobra 1962-1967, GT40 1964-1969, Lotus-Ford Indianapolis cars 1963-1965, 289ci and 302ci racing Mustangs 1965-1970