Chevrolet - Yesterday & Today

Chevrolet - Yesterday & Today
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Chevrolet - Yesterday & Today
160 pages
Color photos
Hard cover
25 x 29 cm
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Chevrolet, like all of Detroit s famous brands, has taken its lumps in recent years. But for millions upon millions of drivers, it s quite simply the family car or sport-utility vehicle, or pickup. How it got to be that way and how it plans to stay that way is covered in 160 pages of stunning original photographs and diagrams and incisive histories of every model of Chevy ever made. You will read about:
Family Haulers, the sedans and station wagons generations grew up with, like the Two-Ten Townsman and the Biscayne. Sunshine Specials, luxurious convertibles ranging from the 1932 Confederate to the 2000 Cavalier (with Impalas, Chevelles and Caprices in between). Budget Beauties, like the Monza, Vega, Nova and Corvair, some solid successes and others notable failures. Fiberglass Flyers, namely Chevrolet s iconic Corvette, which offers a complete history of Detroit car design in one nameplate.