Autocross Performance Handbook

Autocross Performance Handbook
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Autocross Performance Handbook
157 pages
color photos
Soft cover
27 x 21 cm
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Autocross is open to just about anyone with a helmet and a car. Aimed at all those autocross drivers who race the cars they drive every day, this thorough and easy-to-follow handbook covers everything from choosing the best class and car for competing to tuning, modifying, and racing that car. Richard Newton, an ASE-certified Master Technician, talks in a reader-friendly fashion about what can be done, why it should be done, and what might need to be altered when conditions change. He discusses the rule book and driving techniques used in autocross events.
Featuring helpful full-color illustrations, this guide covers all engine/drivetrain combinations, and focuses on car subsystems, including engine, suspension, wheels and tires, and brakes, among others.