African American Dolls

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African American Dolls
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African American Dolls
190 pages
color photos
Soft cover
28 x 22 cm
0,628 kg

History comes alive in this beautifully illustrated book of legendary African-American dolls. This book showcases hundreds of African-American dolls, beginning with the early 1800s through the nineteenth and twentieth centuries. The dolls are shown in spectacular color and are among the most popular collectibles today. The Early Years includes dolls made of papier maché, china, composition, bisque, magic skin latex, hard plastic, and vinyl. Special features include a variety of life-size dolls, doll house dolls, cloth dolls, artist and reproduction dolls, and paper dolls. All are displayed with detailed descriptions and current market values. The dolls featured are a delight to the eye. Every doll lover and collector of black memorabilia will want to add Collectible African American Dolls to their collection.