Charming - The Magic of Charm Jewelry

Charming - The Magic of Charm Jewelry
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Charming - The Magic of Charm Jewelry
112 pages
color photos
Hard cover with dust jacket
22 x 16 cm
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Since time immemorial charms have been worn as symbols of the eternal themes of love, luck, and protection. Whether in the form of Ancient Egyptian scarabs or Chinese tortoises, talismans against the Evil Eye or heart-shaped lockets, horseshoe pendants on necklaces or miniature coins dangling from gold chains, charms exude a kind of magic.

Figures from the worlds of Hollywood, royalty, and fashion have long been seduced by the appeal of charms. Lauren Bacall, Grace Kelly, the Duchess of Windsor, and Coco Chanel were all devoted to them, and Marlene Dietrich never traveled without hers. Today glamorous celebrities and style icons can be seen wearing these unique personal mementos: Anna Sui wears hers on an anklet, Sarah Jessica Parker wears hers on a sweetie bracelet, Matthew Williamson weaves his into his fashion designs, and Mariah Carey even named an album Charmbracelet.

We in the twenty-first century have rediscovered the timeless allure of charm jewelry, whether in the shape of shamrocks or stars, whether made from cowrie shells or precious stones. This book, containing a host of memorable anecdotes and historical facts, together with a hundred color illustrations, is the perfect celebration of the charm of charms.