Building Modern 4mm Scale Wagons

Building Modern 4mm Scale Wagons
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Building Modern 4mm Scale Wagons
142 pages
Color photos
Soft cover
24 x 19 cm
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Wagon kit construction is as popular as ever as modellers seek something different for their layouts. Nigel Burkin reveals the secrets of wagon kit construction and scratch building in a clear and concise way. Illustrated with hundreds of colour photographs. Showing various techniques, together with pictures of the full-size wagons, this book is ideal for newcomers to kit construction and experienced modellers alike.

The book covers:
Why kits are popular even though ready-to-run wagons are widely available.
* Making the best of wagon kits to build something unique.
* No fuss scratch building of complex wagons from styrene.
* Pragmatic kit bashing.
* Different construction techniques for white metal, brass, resin and plastic kits.
* Tools and materials used in kit construction.
* Painting and finishing.
* Solving common problems with kit construction