Affordable Contemporary Art

A Guide to Buying and Collecting

Affordable Contemporary Art
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Affordable Contemporary Art - A Guide to Buying and Collecting
208 pages
Color photos
Soft cover
22 x 17 cm
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This guidebook is aimed at people who want to know and understand more about buying and collecting art; who'd like to build their confidence when making choices about investing in individual pieces and building a collection of a number works in a variety of media.
This is a practical guide that will give potential buyers a better understanding of the art world - how it operates and how to navigate its jargon and often idiosyncratic practices, and more specifically where to look for affordable art. By explaining the culture and practicalities of the art world and by exploring different methods of buying art, this book will demystify the process for the novice collector. It will also help them to analyse their likes and dislikes in considering a purchase and how to build a collection that will be a good investment. Affordable Contemporary Art will be a map for collectors to find and buy art that they love for the right price, and build a collection that's more than the sum of its parts.
Aimed at those new to collecting contemporary art, this book is also useful for people interested in working in galleries or auction houses, for artists, and for students of studio art.

* Immerse yourself in the art world
* What to look for
* Where and how to buy art
* Navigating your own tastes
* What is affordable?
* Art diary