Rörstrand Art Nouveau Porcelain from Sweden

Rörstrand Art Nouveau Porcelain from Sweden
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Rörstrand Art Nouveau Porcelain from Sweden
Rörstrand Jugenstil-Porzellan aus Schweden
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The appearance of the Rörstrand porcelain factory from Stockholm at the 1900 world exhibition in Paris was brilliant: The world had never seen such expert handling of porcelain mass - some in the form of waferthin petals - and an underglaze colour palette with such subtle nuances. The critics were full of praise and the economic success was soon to follow.

The foundation for this laid in the cooperation between Rörstrand and the painter Alf Wallander, who had worked for the manufacturer from 1894/1895. By 1896 Rörstrand had his first big success with the porcelain designed by Wallander at exhibitions in Stockholm, Malmö and Gothenburg. Its artistic rise finally began in 1897 with the Art and Industry Exposition in Stockholm and found its crowning moment in Paris, the International Exhibition of Modern Art in Turin in 1902 and the World Exhibition in St. Louis in 1904.

Wallander combined the underglaze painting cultivated in Copenhagen with a plastic modelling. The reliefs of the famous Rörstrand vases were all carried out by hand and are unique pieces. Other artists who worked with Rörstrand included Per Algot Eriksson, Nils Lundström and Karl and Waldemar Lindström, who all advocated a naturalistic Art Nouveau style (ca. 1895 to 1910).