Ch.Catteau Formes & Techniques

Ch.Catteau Formes & Techniques
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Ch.Catteau Formes & Techniques
119 pages
many color photos
Soft cover
29,50 x 21 cm

This is a superb catalog from two exhibitions.

The first one at the Ianchelevici museum presenting the decorative techniques used by the ceramic artist Ch.Catteau and/or mebers of his school,for his production: glazed ceramics and stoneware. The works are displayed by color scheme,presented in small groups using the same technique to give an idea of the extent and consistency of Catteau's research. The general public as well as connoisseurs will find a handsome selection of high quality objects drawn for the most part from private collections.
The second one held at the same time as the first one(30/04 till 12/06/2005) at the manufacture Royal Boch. This one is about the shapes used by ceramics artists in Catteau workshop. Many moulds are kept on the very spot where Charles Catteau worked. A dozen shapes typical of Catteau are illustrated in two types of ceramic prodution: painting under glaze and glazes. Grouped by shape, the pieces show the wealth and diversity of inspiration of the craftsman and his workshop.