Avventurine (Murano)

Avventurine (Murano)
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79 pages
color photos
Soft cover
24 x 22 cm
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English & Italian

Over the last few years, glass designer and collector Massimo Nordio's attention has gradually turned almost exclusively to a historically fascinating type of glass with an ancient tradition on Murano: the so-called avventurina. Avventurine is a glass paste of brown or reddish colour, studded with a myriad of small yellow-golden sparkling specks which are nothing other than suspended copper crystals. For this reason it is also called "astrals". Presented in this book are more than 60 photographs of Nordio's stunning designs. Undoubtedly, the high quality of these glass works is also due to the renowned skill of the maestro who blew them, Vittorio Ferro. Massimo Nordio and Vittorio Ferro have worked in perfect harmony - it is, perhaps, correct to state that the success of this collection has been due to their sound artistic relationship.