Living for the Moment - Japanese Prints

from The Barbara S. Bowman Collection

Living for the Moment - Japanese Prints
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Living for the Moment - Japanese Prints from The Barbara S. Bowman Collection
182 pages
Color photos
Hard cover
31 x 24 cm
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Polychrome prints, or ukiyo-e, first appeared in Japan in the late 18th century. Delicately hued and intricate, they depicted landscapes, scenes and figures that epitomised the country's idea of "the floating world": a place whose denizens lived for the moment and appreciated the pleasures of the natural world. This volume surveys the prominent Barbara S. Bowman collection of prints notable for a number of reasons: an excellently preserved print of Lucky Dream for the New Year: Mt. Fuji, Falcon and Eggplants by Suzuki Harunobu; a number of surmono, or privately published prints that were created with unusually luxurious materials; and numerous works by Hiroshige and Hokusai, who are considered the masters of the art form. Each of the one hundred prints in this book is reproduced in large color plates that highlight their subtle beauty and charm and are accompanied by extensive captions that describe the pieces' remarkable qualities. This book also includes a comprehensive introduction to the collection by LACMA curator Hollis Goodall, who discusses the significance of the Bowman collection and the many ways it enhances the museum's extensive holdings of Japanese art. Published in association with the Los Angeles County Museum of Art.